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Las Vegas Remedy User Group (LVRUG)

Sponsor and Presenter at the first on site event in a long time.

Virtual Remedy User Group (VRUG) 21.08

Jason Miller held a presentation about synchronizing ITSM configuration data between systems using RRR|Chive:
- Which forms contain the ITSM configuration data
- Keeping dev, test, qa and prod environments in sync
- Backing up your configuration data
- Migrating your configuration data to a newer version
Download presentation and supporting files...

RRR|Chive - primary key support

Use of any field or combination of fields as Primary Key, for example the GUID-field 179, when synchronizing data between source and target.
This functionality is helpful in many cases in ITSM.

RRR|License - update

Support BMC change in Remedy/ITSM/Helix to require AR User Fixed licenses before assigning Application Fixed licenses

RRR|Chive - version update

This popular free data migration tool is now capable of truncating field exceeding max length, typically when migrating from a non unicode to an UTF-8 database

Sponsor, Exhibitor and Presenter at SMAC Conference 2018 in Las Vegas

SMAC 2018...

Sponsor, Exhibitor and Presenter at T3:Service Management & Automation Conference 2017 in Las Vegas

Presentation: Reduce Remedy and ITSM Licensing Costs with RRR|License, Wednseday 12 PM
Presentation: Remedy License Compliance and Assessing License Efficiency, Thursday 4 PM
T3SMAC 2017 - the community replacement for the BMC hosted Engage conferences...

Improved RRR|License Reports and Interface

A simplified and improved web experience for users monitoring and optimizing their Remedy licenses using

License Management Home...

RRR assisted with innovations at the BMC Innovator House in UK hosted by KTSL

KTSL Innovator House...

Sponsor and Exhibitor at BMC Engage 2016 in Las Vegas

BMC Engage 2016...

Hand Picked for the first BMC Innovator House in Palo Alto

Using the Innovation Suite platform we designed and built the graphical part of the Enterprise Crowd Sourcing application later shown at the BMC Echange 2016 keynote. We Enterprise...

BMC Engage 2016 Bubble Agenda

A useful and fun way to pick the sessions that interest you: BMC Engage 2016 Bubble Agenda

ARAPI Version Comparison released

Open page to assist all you API programmers: Check it out...

RRR|Lock for ITSM released

Download and details...

Sponsor and Exhibitor at BMC Engage 2015 in Las Vegas

BMC Engage 2015...

Sponsor and Exhibitor at BMC Engage 2014 in Orlando

BMC Engage 2014...

RRR|LicenseCompliance has been released

Free tool to help verify that Remedy and ITSM user licenses are assigned according to the End User License Agreement (EULA) with BMC. Note that this does not replace BMC license audits. RRR|LicenseCompliance...

Multi Tenancy functionality in RRR|License

Dividing license statistics per tenant will allow you to do optimization, monitoring, forecasting or internal/external billing based on the true license usage of each Department, Company, etc.

New command line tools added

Delete the forms, filters etc that is no longer needed: RRR|DeleteObject...
Imports large def files while getting usefull error messages: RRR|ImportDef...

Product with Best Return on Investment award at WWRUG13

RRR|License was voted product with best ROI by the participants at WWRUG13. This makes it four years in a row.

Test version of RRR|License extended

You can now get statistics on your ITSM application licenses in the open test version of RRR|License.
Check your own license allocation...

Sponsor and exhibitor at WWRUG13

We are happy to announce that we once again have signed up to participate in WWRUG.

AR System API Download - version 8.1.00

The full range of platforms for version 8.1.00 and 8.0.00 has now published.
ARAPI Download...

RRR|MenuToNav - converts old Menu Bar to Navigation field supported by Mid-Tier

This tool will help you migrate custom application to the Mid-Tier interface, reducing a lot of manual steps.

RRR|DefDiff - new command line tool added

This tool will help you to find and migrate code differences between small applications or complete ITSM or AR Systems.

Best Return on Investment - award at WWRUG12 (yet again)

The participantts voted for RRR|License again. For the third year in a row, RRR|License has won the award for Best R.O.I. at WWRUG.
Best ROI Award 2012...

RRR|Commands - new utility added

The new tool RRR|ExportDef will let you export a DEF file of your complete system in one go, even the complete ITSM suite. You can also export packing-lists or specific objects-types, etc.

RRR|ITSM Documented - ARInside report and technical reference

These set of documents will give you access to object relationships, DEF, ARX and much more from a fresh ITSM 7.6.04 Stack Installer.
RRR|ITSM Documented...

ARE|RRR - added 2269 messages from the ITSM76 application

This will quickly help you find the Active-Link or Filter that generated a specific error message number in ITSM.

RRR|Alias support for RKM and SRM


AR System API Download Archive

For the convenience of the AR Developer, we have now published the C and Java API used to integrate with your AR Server. At this moment you will find many version up until version 7.6.04 SP2.
ARAPI Download...

RRR|Alias support for ITSM76 and iternational labels

It is now possible to search on nationalized labels in ITSM76 aliases and entry-points, including German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Portuguese (pt_BR), Russian (ru) and Chinese (zh_CN).

Best Return on Investment Award at WWRUG11 (again)

Based on the voting by the attendees at the World Wide Remedy User Group 2011.
Best ROI Award 2011...

RRR|Chive - version update

This popular free data migration tool is now fully compatible with Remedy AR Server 7.6.04 SP1, and is "overlay aware".

RRR|Log - escalation timeline

Use RRR|Log to get a graphical view of your escalation distribution.

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|DefBPCU will help you get started with the new 7.6.04 Best Practice Development Mode in DevStudio.

WWRUG11 - sponsor and exhibitor in Washington DC

We have already signed up as sponsor at WWRUG11, where we hope to meet you all.
We will be showcasing our tools and products, and also hope to be doing both tutorials and presentations to satisfy all your needs.
Please let both us and the WWRUG advisory board know what you want to see.

UKRUG - speaker in London

Remedy AR and ITSM license tutorial, with a full Demo of how you can evaluate your license savings potential using the test version of RRR|License.
Download the presentation

RRR|Chive - updated version

The major change is the possibility to do incremental backups to or from ARX-files instead of "just" server to server.
This, for example, enables you to quickly backup/restore your test server before and after testing.

Best Return on Investment Award at WWRUG10

The participants voted for RRR|License in the category Best ROI.
Best ROI Award 2010...

WWRUG10 - speaker and exhibitor in Las Vegas

Vendor showcase and presentations on the following topics:
- Tutorial on optimizing Remedy AR and ITSM licenses using RRR|License
- Tutorial/demo on data migration (copy/move/sync) using RRR|Chive
Download the presentations...

RRR|License - automatic license updates on ITSM7

On custom applications you have long been able to import license updates to the User form.
We now supply the same functionality for your ITSM7 licenses as well.

ARE|RRR - easy access to Remedy error message details

When you have an ARERR message number, this open Web-Page will quickly give you details regarding the problem.

RRR|Alias - find the connected Form, Alias and Entry-Points

This open Web-Page will quickly let you find the Base-Form in the ITSM-jungle of Aliases and Entry-Points.

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|ArxToHTML converts your ARX files into a humanly readable format.
This can be very useful if you want to archive data to disc, or need it offline.
You can also put the resulting files on your web server.

RRR|Patch - manage an automate your AR Server patching

This tool will help you download and apply patches to your AR System file by file, without using the built in installers.
- makes sure that all relevant files are updated
- does not change forms, workflow or configurational settings
- includes backup and restore functionality

RRR|LoginConv - updated command line tool

This popular tool has received significant updates including:
- Data retrieval using ARGetMultipleEntries for speed
- Disables merge-filters to ensure data integrity
This tool can be used for many thinges besides login name conversion.
For example changing the name of CTM:Support Group in the entire system.

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|ConfDiff helps you compare the configuration of two Remedy servers.
The file format of the ar.cfg/conf files makes this complicated.
If you miss something, it could have big consequences.

WWRUG09 - speaker and exhibitor in Las Vegas

We did three presentations on two topics:
- Performance Tuning using Log Files
- Demo of moving a 6.3 AR Server (MS-SQL) to a 7.5 (Oracle/Unicode)
Download the presentations...

RRR|Chive - updated version

Significant speedup when copying all records of large forms.
Compiled against the 7.0 API for maximum backward and forward server compatibility.
Archive- and Audit-form support.

RRR|SelectionChange - updated command line tool

Support for Custom Selection Values and compiled against the 7.0 API.

Command line tools updated


Presenter at MWRUG

Download the presentations...

Presenter at WARUG

Download the presentations...

Sponsor and presenter at Texas RUG in Austin

Download the presentations...

RRR|LoginConv - new version compatible with AR System 7.x

This tool is useful when the login name of one or all users change.

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|DefHideExpandBox will help you after an upgrade from 6.x to 7.x.
After this upgrade an expand box for the fields Submitter, ModifiedBy and AssignedTo will appear on all forms. This will break the layout of older forms, but RRR|DefHideExpandBox will hide it for you.

License Optimization and Monitoring at UKRUG

We did a 40 minute presentation and UKRUG about Remedy Licensing and how to make sure that you do not buy more licenses than you need.
Download the presentation

RRR|License - support for application licenses in ITSM 7

Application licenses are now logged by the AR System. As a consequence we can supply detailed usage and tuning statistics per application.

RRR|Chive - new version

A sync-to-target-mode has been added to make it easy and fast to maintain synchronized data between servers and forms. E.g. when you want a test-system with production data, or when moving your system to a new server.


RRR|HelpText is a new Windows program that will let you manage your AR System Help Texts in a very efficient way.

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|DefSearch will let you search for strings in def files.
The result is reported per object, to make it easy to find it in AR Admin.

RRR|Chive - new version 6.x/7.0-compliant version

In addition to the version upgrade, there is a number of added features.

RRR at UKRUG - presentation and partner fair

Misi Mladoniczky from RRR held a presentation concerning Perfromance Tuning and Troubleshooting using AR System logfiles.
Download the presentation

RRR|Lic - New FREE License Allocation Calculator

Sample Calculation...
Sample Graph...

RRR|Log - improved functionality and FREE version

RRR|Log is now improved to better help you out with Workflow Debugging and Active Link logging.

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|DefSplit will split a big def-file into small object specific def-files.
This may be handy when handling versions in a source control system outside ARS.

RRR|Commands - upgraded to fully support the version 6.x API

This mainly concerns RRR|SelectionChange and RRR|LoginConv as these are the only tools directly using the AR System API.

RRR|ChangeField - free Multiple Change Field Action Creator

Skip the tideous task of manually creating repetetive Change Field Actions.
Auto-generate the necessary workflow instead.
E.g. when you want to make all fields Read-Only if a user opens a closed request.

RRR|DiaryX - free diary field data extractor

This free tool will help you extract statistical information otherwise locked inside your diary data.
It will also help you convert your diary field data to a child form, to give you a structured diary database you can report on.

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|SelectionChange will help change your data when addding/removing values from Status fields or other Selection fields.
The Status-History will also be updated when applicable.

RRR|Offline - run RRR|Lic and RRR|Log on your local pc

By installing RRR|Offline you can now run RRR|Lic and RRR|Log without uploading any of your company logfiles externally!

RRR|Commands - new utility added

RRR|LoginConv convert old login names to new ones regardless of application.
The tool goes through data in all forms and changes diary-, char- and status-history-information where needed.
Can change other char-data as well, e.g. renamed categories.

RRR|Commands - two new utilities

RRR|Col2Del - converts fixed column files to a format handled by ARImport.
ARErrr - gives you easy access to detailed AR System Error Messages.

RRR|Commands - new download section with free tools at RRR|Online

A smorgasboard of command line tools that will help the AR System Administrator solve some common and some not so common problems.

RRR|Chive - new platforms

Full support for AIX, Solaris, Linux and Windows!

RRR|Chive - new version 1.1

New functions makes RRR|Chive even more powerful!
Read more about version 1.1...

RRR|Chive - free archiving of your records!

This module will help you move and copy data betweend servers and forms.
A web based configurator makes RRR|Chive easy to configure!

RRR|Online now in production!

Tools and modules for all ARSystem-administrators.

IT-Masters release new module MasterMigrator Plus

MasterARSuite is now complemented with a migration tool.
Decrease time and impact when moving new functionality to your production environment.

RRR supplies a free record locking module

A common problem with ARSystem Applications is that two users
start working with the same record at the same time. This small
tool gives you the ability to alert these user about a possible conflict.
Read more and retrieval...

RRR signs reseller agreement with IT-Masters

Products that makes your system management more efficient.