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updated 2015-06-16 09:23:08

Finds differences between two def-files

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usage: rrrDefDiff source.def target.def [ -r result.txt ]
[ -t type [ -t ... ] ] [ -n name [ -n ... ] ]
[ -p prefix [ -p ... ] ] [ -e charset ]
[ -skiptype type [ -skiptype ... ] ]
[ -skipname name [ -skipname ... ] ]
[ -skipprefix prefix [ -skipprefix ... ] ]
[ -skip attr1 [ -skip ... ] ]
[ -nodef ] [ -debug ]
rrrDefDiff -ver

Compare two def files for differences.

The output you will get is a list of differing objects and objects that only
exists in either source or target. You will also get the following files:
- source-import-diffobj.def
- source-import-newobj.def
- target-backup-delete.def
- target-backup-diffobj.def

-r result.txt creates a tab delimited list of diff/source/target-only objects
-t { image|menu|data|cont|escl|actl|appl|fltr|form } to work with one
object type only. You can also use the equivalent longer type names as
in the def-file begin * rows.
-n objectname to work with one object name only. Use format "type/name" to
prevent conflicts with the same name on different types.
-p objectname to work with one object name prefix.
-skiptype will prevent comparison of objects of the specified type.
-skipname will prevent comparison of any objects with this exact name.
-skipprefix will prevent comparison of any objects beginning with the prefix.

-e will set the default encoding for input and output files

-skip attribute will skip attributes, for example -skip display-instance.
The tool skips these attributes by default:
- timestamp
- owner
- last-changed
- export-version
- next-field-id
- num-vuis
- change-diary

-nodef will prevent the import/backup def files to be created

-debug will produce comparison versions of the def files with each object
stripped of content that is not compared. The files will be called:

-ver will display version information