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This web service gives you very detailed statistics about the license utilization on your ARServer.

This tool will help you Search and Debug your Workflow, Active Links, API-calls, Filters and SQL-code. The logfiles are presented in a user friendly interface. Even very larges logfiles, 100Mb or bigger, is manageble.

Finding the parts of your system that use up most system resources is both time consuming and complex. To increase the performance you may have created a couple of database indexes more or less at random, added more memory to the server and installed an extra processor.

The system resources are used up by users accessing your application and workflow. It is very important that you focus on those parts of the application that is the most resource expensive, and is most commonly used.

RRR|Log analyzes logfiles with API-, ESCL-, SQL- and Filter-data. The results are presented grouped and sorted in a number of ways that will help you find both slow calls and very frequent calls.

When you have changed your workflow, it is of utmost importance to be able to mesure changes in the performance of your system. The RRR|Log service will give you immediate feedback on the effect of your changes.

Another parameter to keep an eye on is the number of database connections that you should have. The system reports the activity (and inactivity) of all your server threads, which enables you see if you should increase or decrease the number of threads.

The first picture shows you API-statistics grouped by form, where the form that used most system resources is placed at the top.

By clicking on the sample links 0 through 9, you can view the details of a specific call of this type, shown in the second picture. The slowest call will have index 0. To read the logfiles maually is hard, and RRR|Log will help you find the important information by color coding rows that show API-, ESCL-, SQL- and Filter-data.
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