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Troubleshooting using Log Files

RRR|Log helps you search and debug your Workflow, Active Links, API-calls, Filters, Escalations and SQL-code. The log files are presented in a user-friendly interface, so that it is easy to find the information you are looking for. Even very larges log files, 100 Mb or bigger, are handled.

Performance Tuning and Features

  • RRR|Log will help you find the parts of the application that use up the most resources and that are used most often.
  • Find information on database connections. Which server threads are inactivt or active? Should you increase or decrease the number of threads?
  • Measure performance before and after you make changes to workflow, so that you can correct any performance problems immediately.

The RRR|Log Interface

The starting page show API-statistics, where the calls using the most system resources is placed at the top. By clicking on the sample links 0 through 9, you can view all the details of specific call of this type, shown in the second image. The slowest call will have index 0.

Reading the log files manually is difficult. RRR|Log will help you find the important information in many ways, e.g. by color coding rows that show API-, ESCL-, SQL- and Filter-data.

RRR|Log API Statistics

RRR|Log Drill Down

RRR|Log Search

RRR|Log Active Links