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BMC Remedy License Compliance

This utility covers two areas where we have seen mistakes and inconsistencies that in effect breaches the End User License Agreement with BMC.

We do not in any way replace the license audits made by BMC, but make it easier for you to find and correct certain areas where mistakes are often made.

Inconsistency Report

This part of the utility will point out license assignment inconsistencies between what you see and what BMC audits.

The interfaces where you review and assign licenses to users are the People forms, but the place BMC and the system looks for license assignments is the User form.

Bought vs Assigned

BMC Remedy Action Request System and ITSM licenses are bought in various bundles, and you need to map these bundles to what you apply to your system.

This tool will help you with this mapping, and also check that you have followed the rules when assigning licenses to your users.

For example if you buy a Fixed/Named Service Desk bundle, you are not allowed to give the resulting Incident license to one user, and the Problem license to another user.
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