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Harald Kapferer - ARZ, Austria

"RRR|License is a great tool for dealing with your Remedy licenses. It will help you to serve more users with your current licenses and supports you when you want to buy more to find the best fixed/floating mix. As it uses your own historical data it is perfectly adapted to your needs."

/Harald Kapferer

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Jan Olsson - SunGard FRONT ARENA, Sweden

"When we first bought RRR|License, it immediately saved us USD 34,000 in licenses we had intended to buy but that became unnecessary after following RRR|License's recommendations, which is pretty good for an investment of USD 2,700. Since then we have been able to track our license utilization very closely, making sure that we never again over-invest in Remedy ARS licenses, which means that we save money every year thanks to RRR|License."

/Jan Olsson

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Thomas Bean - Saint Louis University, United States

"We have been very pleased with the RRR|License product, it has saved us thousands of dollars in licensing costs and has enabled us to allocate our Remedy licenses as efficiently as possible."

/Thomas Bean

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JT Davies - New Edge Networks, United States

"RRR|License allowed us to efficiently optimize our license utilization while saving a considerable amount of expense by not having to purchase additional licenses to meet our company needs."

/JT Davis

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Chad Hall - Acxiom Corporation, United States

"I use RRR|License to see how many licenses I need. Its not free, but it easily pays for itself and then some.

If you're considering buying more licenses its well worth it to let RRR|License analyze your license usage to see what mix of fixed/floating you really need."

/Chad Hall

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Boris Noack - E.ON IS, Germany

"Last month I used RRR|License to also manage our application licenses for the first time. It worked beautifully. Great tool to save money. :-)"

/Boris Noack

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Jarl Grøneng - Steria, Norway

"RRR|Log is definitely the best log viewer/debugging tool for Remedy. Got the full version last week and have already improved performance at one customer site! The tool is well worth the money! Just now RRR|Log is chewing on a 650mb api/sql/escalation log file :-)"

"With several occasions I have used RRRlog when assisting client to tune their ARS environment. The tool will quickly guide you in the right direction and identify 'performance killers' or workflow that can be improved. I find if very useful taking server snapshots or SQL, API, filter log for 5-15 minutes. RRRlog will help to read the massive logfiles."

/Jarl Grøneng

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