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Get a notification when your licenses run out

This small application will give you a notification, and a log, of each time your chosen floating license thresholds has been reached.

A maximum of one notification per day will be sent for each application.

It requires that you turn on Server and Application statistics for your system. Detailed instructions available inside the included form.

One regular form, with one notification filter will be added to your system, as well as two filters connected to the Server Statistics and Application Statistics form respectively.

Specify a floating license threshold for your floating licenses, not exceeding the number you own.

A list of one or more notification addresses can be specified, including Login Names, Email Addresses and Group Names.

Note that if you specify a number higher than the floating licenses configured on your system, notifications will not be sent!

AR System License Threshold
Remedy Incident Management Threshold
Remedy Problem Management Threshold
Remedy Change Management Threshold
Remedy Asset Management Threshold
Remedy Service Level Management Threshold
Notification Recipient List