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updated 2013-10-04 23:05:10

Imports objects from a def file into your server. Any size def file will be handled. Useful error messages.

Download RRR|ImportDef

usage: rrrimportdef [ -l error.log ] [ -e error.def ] [ -verbose ] [ -silent ]
server tcpport user password import.def
usage: rrrimportdef -help
usage: rrrimportdef -ver

This tool will import a definition file to a server, and give comprehensive
output on why an object was not imported.

Specify tcp port 0 to use the portmapper
Specify a password of PROMPT to be prompted when you run the tool

-l error.log creates a log file
-e error.def creates a def file with all objects that did not import
-verbose prints and logs verbose output of objects without error
-silent prints nothing unless an error occurs