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updated 2013-10-04 23:05:10

Delete FORMs, ACTLs etc from your server. One at a time or based on a list/def file.

Download RRR|DeleteObject

usage: rrrdeleteobject [ -o objecttype name [ -o t2 n2 [ ... ] ] ]
[ -f rrrdefdiff.txt ] [ -d deleteobj.def ]
[ -l result.log ] [ -verbose ] [ -silent ]
[ -charset UTF-8 ] [ -deletewithdata ]
server tcpport user password
usage: rrrdeleteobject -help
usage: rrrdeleteobject -ver

This tool will delete objects as dictated.

Specify tcp port 0 to use the portmapper
Specify a password of PROMPT to be prompted when you run the tool

-o will let you specify one or more objects to delete. You must specify one
of the below types in long/short format:
form, actl, fltr, menu, image, cont
schema, active link, filter, char menu, image, container

-f rrrdefdiff.txt will let you specify a file with the objects to delete.
The file is tab-separated, where only target-only objects will be deleted:
target-only objecttype objectname

-d delete.def will delete all objects in the specified def file from the server

-deletewithdata will delete regular forms that contains data.
The default behavior is to reject the delete if data exists.

-l result.log creates a log file
-verbose prints and logs verbose output, including deleted objects
-silent prints nothing unless an error occurs

-charset xxx is used to specify the encoding of the input file, typically
using "UTF-8" or "windows-1252", and default is the servers setting