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updated 2014-02-21 10:37:12

Converts definition files between Base and Custom Overlay mode

Download RRR|DefBPCU

usage: rrrDefBPCU -i old/cust/base.def [ -o new.def ] -t { cust | base }
[ -v ] [ -a ] [ -e encoding ] [ -forceoverlay ]
rrrDefBPCU -ver

This utility converts your old or Base definitions to Custom objects, or back
from Custom to Base, for use in 7.6.04 in Best Practice Development Mode
(within Dev Studio).

This can come in handy if you want to import your old definitions, promote
current objects from Base to Custom, or vice versa.

Any objects, such as forms, filters, active-links, etc in your
input definition will be converted if needed.

Just import the output definition into your system.

NOTE that importing in place does not work to convert objects, for some reason.
The Remedy server will protest with ARERR 8861 - Base and overlay object must
be the same type. Delete existing objects, and backup any data you need to
keep into ARX-files, before you import the def.

-i is the old or base definition that you want to convert.

-o will be the resulting definition created by this tool, otherwise a report
of objects needing a change will be printed.

-t cust tells the utility in which format you want the target.

-a will include all input objects in the output definition, not only those
objects that were changed.

-e will set default encoding for input and output files. This is only needed
for old definition files where the encoding is not specified on the first

-v verbose will print the status for all object names.

-forceoverlay will force conversion of overlays to base/custom. It is tricky
to import these, as the original overlays must be manually deleted first.
As a result, any fields not in the base form will loose all data during
the process.

-ver prints version information.

Please contact us at support@rrr.se if you would like to see any other
direction for your conversions, or have anything else to report.