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This command line tool will help you move and copy data betweend servers and forms.

A web based configurator makes RRR|Chive easy to configure!

The RRR|Chive tool can do many things for you:

  • Fast multiple form data copy between forms and/or servers
  • Backup your servers to/from ARX-files
  • Update records without chaning the modify-date
  • Archiving old records to another server or another form
  • Incremental (fast) data synchronization between servers
  • Compiled against AR API version 7.6.04 or 9.1.00
  • The tool is overlay aware and compatible with 7.6.04
  • Verification of target data before deleting source records
  • Field Mapping capabilities when forms differ
  • Windows and Unix versions available
  • Easy configuration with the Web Configrurator
  • Logging of all activity and errors
  • Optionally sign up for a Support Contract
  • Use of Request ID or any Primay Key(s) of your choise to match source and target records when synchronizing

Choose among the most common settings and let the Configurator create your configfile.