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This command line tool will help you move and copy data betweend servers and forms.

A web based configurator makes RRR|Chive easy to configure!

The RRR|Chive tool can do many things for you:

  • Fast multiple form data copy between forms and/or servers
  • Backup your servers to/from ARX-files
  • Update records without chaning the modify-date
  • Archiving old records to another server or another form
  • Incremental (fast) data synchronization between servers
  • Compiled against AR API version 7.6.04 or 9.1.00
  • The tool is overlay aware and compatible with 7.6.04
  • Verification of target data before deleting source records
  • Field Mapping capabilities when forms differ
  • Windows and Unix versions available
  • Easy configuration with the Web Configrurator
  • Logging of all activity and errors
  • Optionally sign up for a Support Contract

Choose among the most common settings and let the Configurator create your configfile.