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RRR signs reseller agreement with IT-Masters

Products that makes your system management more efficient.

IT-Masters has developed supporting programs for ARSystem administrators for many years. Their products has evolved from the needs and requirements of their own consultants, which has resulted in a series of tools for documenting, analysing relationships, macro-editing and performance optimization.

MasterARSuite consists of the four modules described below:


- automatically creates MS Word documents of your application. As en example, it gives you a detailed view of which active links/filters/etc that reads/writes/affects each individual field.


- gives you a view of what is connected to what in your application. Advanced search functions and graphical representation of relationships in your system is some examples.


- allows you to view, create and modify ARSystem Macros in a windows interface.


- helps you find and test ineffective queries against your database.

Please send an email to info@rrr.se or visit IT-Masters web site for more information.