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updated 2012-12-04 12:33:32

Converts old Menu Bar to Navigation Field that can be used in Mid-Tier

Download RRR|MenuToNav

usage: rrrMenuToNav -i menubar.def -o navigation.def [ -id 999999999 ]
[ -v ] [ -a ]
usage: rrrMenuToNav -help
usage: rrrMenuToNav -ver

This utility converts old Menu Bar style forms to Horizontal Navigation
that can be used in Mid-Tier.

A new filed is added for Horizontal Navigation with id 999999999, and the
old menu items will be connected to the new field instead.

A list of converted forms will be printed to the screen. And an output
def file will be created that you can import on top of your old form(s).

-i is the old definition containing Menu Bar style navigation

-o will be the resulting definition created by this tool, that will contain
the converted forms.

-id change the parent field id from 999999999 to something else

-a will include all input objects in the output definition, not only those
objects that were changed.

-v verbose will print the status for all object names.

-ver print version information

-help print detailed help