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RRR|Online now in production

Tools and modules for all ARSystem-administrators.

At RRR|Online you will find many free modules and tools that will make it easier and more cost effective to manage and develop ARSystem applications.

Today four services are avaliable, and more are coming up soon.

RRR|License gives you detailed statistics about your license usage, and will help you optimize your license utilization. There are a lot of money you can save by using your current licenses in an optimal way. About 10 companies has participated in the 6 month beta testing that is now finished.

RRR|Log will help you focus on the right parts of your system when optimizing performance. RRR|Log analyzes your logfiles and give you statistics that will help you pinpoint the applications, SQL-calls or filters that use up most of your system resources.

RRR|Lock is an old module that is still very popular. Record locking in the ARSystem has allways been somewhat cumbersome, and this small tool is easily attached to your applications.

RRR|Flash gives you graphical diagrams over your ARSystem tickets. Simple to integrate in your applications. RRR|Flash is developed for ARS 5.x and works fine on MidTier.

Please note that none of these services require any local installation of executables in your systems!

To get immediate access to these functions, register at RRR|Online, where you also will be able to testdrive and look at all the modules.

You will find more details and examples if you look under Products.