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RRR|Chive - new version 1.1

New functions makes RRR|Chive even more powerful!

Some of the new functions:

  • The target_disablemergefltr flag allows RRR|Chive to disable any filters that triggers on merge, thus making sure that the data migrated is not changed in any way
  • The entryidmode setting will come in handy when you want to change the entryid-field on a form. Increase/Decrease field length. Changing prefix. Etc.
  • The progressbar flag will enable a meter that shows the progress of each form
  • The maxerrorsperform will let you set the number of ARERR-responses that each form can generate before the form is skipped

To get immediate access to RRR|Cive, register at RRR|Online, where you also will be able to testdrive and look at other modules.

You will find more details about RRR|Online if you look under Products.