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updated 2012-11-23 17:06:35

Exports definition files from your server

Download RRR|ExportDef

usage: rrrexportdef [ -t type1 [ -t type2 ] ]
[ -a ] [ -charset UTF-8 ] [ -silent ]
[ -p prefix1 [ -p prefix2 ] ]
[ -n objectname1 [ -n name2 ] ]
[ -l locale1 [ -l locale2 ] ]
[ -skipdepapp ]
server tcpport user password file.def
usage: rrrexportdef -depapp appname srv tcp usr pw def
usage: rrrexportdef -packlist packname srv tcp usr pw def
usage: rrrexportdef -help
usage: rrrexportdef -ver

This tool will export objects to a def file.

Specify tcp port 0 to use the portmapper
Specify a password of PROMPT to be prompted when you run the tool

If no -t parameter is specified, everything is exported
-t allows you to specify one or more types to export:
formall, formregular, formdialog, formview, formvendor, formjoin
actl, fltr, menu, image
containerall, actlguide, fltrguide, app, packlist, webservices

-a parameter will APPEND instead of OVERWRITE any existing DEF

-charset xxx is used to specify the encoding of the output file, typically
using "UTF-8" or "windows-1252", and default is the servers setting

-silent prints nothing progress unless an error occurs

-p allows you to restrict export of one or more object name prefixes
For example -p "HPD:"

-n allows you to one or more exact object names

-skipdepapp will remove any deployable application, including any object
directly related to any deployable application, except menus that may have
references from both normal forms and deployable forms

-l locale will export those views that match the locale only.
If a form does not have this locale, it will not be exported at all.
For example -l "" for default locale, or -l "es" for Spanish views.

-depapp appname will export the named deployable application in full
specify "*" for this parameter to export all deployable applications

-packlist packname will export all objects in the named packing list