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What happens if I want to reduce the number of Remedy licenses?

If you have Remedy licenses that you longer need, it might be a good idea to reduce the number of licenses in order to save on yearly support costs. This is how it is done:

First of all, you don’t “return” Remedy licenses, in the sense that you can never get them back or that you get some kind of refund. A license you have purchased is yours, whether you want it or not. So, what you actually do is that you simply stop paying maintenance for it.

This can only be done when you are up for renewal, so you should make sure to request a renewal quote based on the Remedy license numbers you want to reach. When requesting this renewal quote, you should include the following statement in the mail:

“As of the Support Anniversary Date the products and quantities identified above are no longer enrolled in Support (Unsupported Products).  Customer agrees to de-install and cease use of the Unsupported Products.  Customer may re-enroll the Unsupported Products in Support, subject to BMC’s then current Reinstatement Policy.”

When your new renewal period starts, you go into the license form and re-set the Remedy license counts to whatever new levels you have. This is of course a very important step, since you would otherwise be in violation of the Remedy license agreement.

What happens if you want to start using some of the non-supported licenses again? You will then contact your BMC representative and ask them for a renewal quote for those licenses. You will be required to pay back maintenance for those Remedy licenses, so if they have been non-supported for three years, you will pay three years of back maintenance.