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How do the different BMC license models work (green, blue, etc.)?

Green pricing

This is the oldest pricing model and under that model you were able to purchase only the AR System license and then add the applications you liked. This pricing model is still available for those customers who originally bought their system under the green pricing model.

Sometimes referred to as Service Management.

Blue pricing

The next pricing model was "Blue pricing" and the AR System licenses now come bundled with one or more application licenses. It is therefore no longer possible to purchase only AR System licenses. Blue pricing is always used for new customers. There are different bundled offers available, where purchasing an BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite license gives you everything and the smallest possible purchase is a BMC Service Management Specialist license.

Volume discounts are available.

Sometimes referred to as BSM Solution Pack.

Blue pricing (new)

As of April 2015, there is a new blue price list. It is only available for completely new customers. Customers who purchased Remedy before April 2015 are on the older blue model even if they purchase new licenses after April 2015. There are three major differences compared with the old blue price list:

  • All volume discounts are removed.
  • The license list price is substantially lower than in the old blue price list for systems with fewer than 100 licenses.
  • The price ratio between fixed and floating licenses is 1:3, rather than 1:2.5, making floating licenses a little more expensive than fixed licenses.