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updated 2013-11-12 14:36:03

Convert old login names to new ones regardless of application

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usage: rrrLoginConv -s server [ -tcp xxx] [ -rpc xx ] -u login -p passwd
-c convertfile -f { formname | ALLFORMS | CREATEBAT } [ -f ... ]
[ -splitsearch ] [ -chunksize 1-100 ] [ -nice ]
[ -logfile xx.log ] [ -charset ... ] [ -debug ]
[ -maxlength xx ] [ -length xx ]
[ -fieldname fieldid [ -fieldname ... ] ]
[ -onlyfield fieldid [ -onlyfield ... ] ]
[ -nodiary ] [ -nostatushistory ] [ -noquotematch ] [ -nosepmatch ]
[ -noupdate ] [ -reverse ] [ -continue "form" ]
or: rrrLoginConv -help
or: rrrLoginConv -ver

This tool will go through one or all forms of an ARServer and convert
login names as dictated by your convertfile.

Conversion of ordinary character fields, diary-entries and status-history
is done.

By default an anywhere search is done in text fields to convert login-
names that exactly match the field contents, or surrounded by double-
or single-quotes, as well as those separated by the delimiters , ; |

Changed records are "merged" into the server, leaving modified by/time
intact. If you have filters triggering on "merge", they will be skipped.

The convertfile should be in the following format and leading/trailing
whitespace is removed:
miz = miml03
louise = loan02
old = new

Required arguments are -s, -u, -f and -m.

-s server

-tcp xx and -rpc xx will let you control the how the API
connects to the ARServer in the same way as you control the login
in the ARUser Tool.

-u login name

-p password, specify PROMPT to get prompted

-c convertfile

-f { formname | ALLFORMS | CREATEBAT } argument do the following:
1. Formname is the name of a single form that you want to convert.
Note that you can specify a form prefix if ju add *, for
example "HPD:*". Multiple -f parameters can be specified.
2. ALLFORMS will convert logins in all forms of your server.
3. CREATEBAT will change nothing, instead a login is done to the
server and a rrrLoginConv.bat-file will be created with one
line for each regular form of your server. The bat-file can
be edited and then executed.

-splitsearch will do small searches on each form instead of one
big search. This can be handy if you have forms with 100.000+ records.

-chunksize 1-100 to limit the number of records retrieved with
the ARGetMultipleEntries call. The default value is 100.

-nice will make rrrLoginConv do a one second pause between each update
to minimize performance impact on the server.

-logfile ... will put extended output into a log file

-charset ... will change the default UTF-8 encoding to something else. Note
that you can use CHAR-SET: ... on the first line of the convert file.
For example: CHAR-SET: windows-1252

-debug will give you a very big logfile.

-maxlength xx let you control the CHAR-fields to convert. This parameter
defaults to 255, meaning that characterfield between 1 and 255 are retrieved,
checked and converted.
A value of 0 will skip all character fields.

-length xx let you control the CHAR-fields to convert. If this parameter is
specified, only fields with that exact database length will be converted.

-fieldname xx will limit the CHAR-fields by matching the database name of
the field. The match done is a case insensitive "anywhere" match.
Multiple -fieldname paramters can be specified.

-onlyfield xx will convert only the field id you specify.
Multiple fields are specified by adding multiple -onlyfield parameters.

-nodiary will skip conversion of diary field entries.

-nostatushistory will skip conversion of Status-History information.

-noquotematch will disable anywhere replacement of "login" and 'login'.

-nosepmatch will disable anywhere replacement of ;login; where possible
list separators are CRNL, NL, tab, comma, semicolon, colon and pipe.

-noupdate will do all the searching but not update the data.

-reverse will let you undo a previous conversion.

-continue "form" will skip all forms prior to the one specified. The forms
are sorted in alphabetical order.

-ver prints version info.