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updated 2010-03-29 11:14:43

Splits your big def-file into small def-files for each object

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usage: rrrDefSplit source.def [ targetdir ] [ -e ... ] [ -fse ... ] [ -nospace ]
rrrDefSplit sourcedir [ target.def ] [ -e ... ] [ -fse ... ]
rrrDefSplit -ver

The definition file is split up, and one small definition file is
created for each object in the definitionfile.

A directory with the same name as the definition file will be created
if no targetdir is specified.

For each object type, a subdirectory will be created.

If you specify a sourcedir instead, all def-files in any sub-directory
will be concatenated into a single one. If two objects with the same name
are found, the one with the newest timestamp will be used.

-nospace will remove the space from directories created.

-e will set the default encoding for input and output files

-fse will set the encoding for the file system when creating files, where
the default encoding is latin1

-ver will display version information