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updated 2009-10-29 13:03:33

Reports objects in a def file that match your search string(s)

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usage: rrrDefSearch -s source.def -m matchstring
[ -m matchstring2 ] [ -x excludestring1 ] [ -x excl2 ]
[ -t target.def ]
[ -r result.{txt|skv|xls} ]
[ -v ] [ -i ]

The source definition is search for occurances of the matchstring.
Each matching object is reported to the screen or to result file.

-s specifies the source definition file to be searched.

-m is the matchstring (regular expression) to be found in the def.
You can have more than one match string.

-x if a string match an excludestring, it will never be part of the result.

-v specifies verbose mode, and will including the row data of matched rows.

-t specifies a target definition file. Only matched object will be stored in
this file.

-r specifies a result file where the match list is stored, instead of printing
this to the screen. A tab-separated textfile (default), semikolon separated
file (skv) or Excel file (xls) is created.

-i ignore case, case insensitive search.