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updated 2008-02-14 15:17:09

Helps you hide unwanted expand-boxes, after upgrading to 7.x, for fields Created/Modified By and Assigned To

Download RRR|DefHideExpandBox

usage: rrrDefHidExpandBox source.def result.def [ -v ]
[ -f ] [ -c ] [ -i "id1, id2, ..., idn" ]

When upgrading to version 7.x of the AR System, an expand-box is added to
the Submitter, Assigned To and Modified By fields due to the fact that the
field length is increased from 30 to 254 characters.

Using a view-def-file, or ordinary def-file, the expand-box is hidden for
field id 2, 4 and 5.

This will also work for an ordinary def-file, but view-defs are smaller and
you will know that only view attributes are changed.

After creating a result.def, just import it with ARAdmin.

-i override the default field ids 2, 4 and 5. Supply a comma separated list
of the field ids you want to change.

-c include changed forms only in the resulting definition file.

-f forces the tool to convert fields with expand box setting of "Show" in
addition to "Default".

-v verbose mode will print the id and name of forms and fields that will be
changed. This only works if you have specified a result.def.

This program was compiled on February 14, 2008.