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updated 2015-08-17 19:22:01

Gives a list of all fields in a def file including some info

Download RRR|DefFieldList

usage: rrrDefFieldList [-splitrows] [-displayonly] file.def [result.{skv|txt|xls}]
rrrDefFieldList -ver

Using the def-file, a list of all data fields are produced with various

The listed information includes information about Form, Id, Name, Label,
Type, Option, Length, Enum-values, Default, Pattern and Menu of each field.

-splitrows option will make separate rows for each selection-field-value
and/or label.

-displayonly print display-only fields which are otherwise suppressed.

The TXT-format produces a tab separated list (default).
The SKV-format produces a semicolon separated list.
The XLS-format produces an MS Excel file.