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updated 2014-06-03 20:45:29

Finds differences between def-files concerning data fields

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usage: rrrDefFieldDiff source_server.def target_server.def
[ -new ] [ -multiline ] [ fielddiff.{txt|skv|xls} ]
[ -displayonly ] [ -allforms ]
[ -rename "old formname" "new formname" ]
rrrDefFieldDiff -ver

This tool can come in handy when you want to put a new application into
the production server and want to find fields where you need to convert
or modify the data.

Finds all data fields in regular forms from the source definition file
and compares them to fields in the target definition file.

The source definition would typically be your test/dev-server and the
target def would be your prod-server.

The following is reported:
- Deleted forms
- Deleted fields
- Fields with differing datatypes
- Fields with differing database length
- Fields with equal field id but different database name
- Selection fields with differing selection values
- New forms (optional)
- New fields (optional)

The result is written as a TAB-separated list to standard output or to the
file specified.

The TXT-format produces a tab separated list (default).
The SKV-format produces a semicolon separated list.
The XLS-format produces an MS Excel file.

Specify -new to include new fields and forms in source def.

Specify -multiline to report fields with two or more differences on multiple
lines. This is suitable when using AutoFilter in Excel.

Using -allforms will include the form types join, view, dialog and vendor in
that is normally skipped in the comparison.

Specify -displayonly to compare display-only-fields that are normally skipped.

With one ore more -rename specification you can tell rrrDefFieldDiff that
a form has been renamed.

-ver will display version information.