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updated 2013-01-23 10:40:30

Helps you find out if your servers are equally configured by comparing ar.cfg/conf files

Download RRR|ConfDiff

usage: rrrConfDiff ar1.cfg ar2.cfg [ servname1 servname2 ]

Comparing the settings of different servers may be tricky, due to the structure
of the ar.cfg-files. This tools will help you do this, even if the server
versions differ.

This tool will compare two ar.cfg-files to see which settings are differ
between the two files/servers. It will resort the rows, and for example take
into account disabled rows which start with the #-sign.

The optional servername1 and servernam2 parameters helps minimize the
output, by replacing any occurance with $SERVER$. Even though the servernames
differ, the setting may not really differ. The servernam1 parameter refers
to the servername of the first config file, and servername2 to ar2.cfg.